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 Printing is available in the Library via the Pharos printing system. Users of the Library can print documents retrieved from the Web or their own documents from all public access workstations in the Main, Law, Medical and Science Branch Libraries.

Costs for Printing 

  • Black and white printing     - $ 5.00 per page
  • Colour printing                   - $35.00 per page (available only in the Main Library from 9:00am - 9:30pm.)

Please note: a minimum payment of $50.00 must be made.

Accounts may be credited as follows:

  • Main Library - Reprographic Services Unit (RESU)  9:00 am -  10:00 pm and at the Circulations Desk when RESU is closed. 
  • Science, Law & Medical Branch Libraries  - Circulations Desk 9:00 am - 5:45 am.

Printing Procedures

  • Send document for printing using the application’s print functions.
  • At the prompt, enter your Pharos user  number  (UWI ID Number).
  • The document will be queued for printing, and will remain queued for up to three hours, after this time it is automatically deleted.
  • When ready to receive the printed document, go to the designated print station for the workstation and log on using your pharos account number and password.
  • A list of the documents sent for printing as well as the balance in the print account will be shown.
  • Select and print the document, at which point, the cost of printing will be deducted from your account.             

Print station locations

  • Main Library - MERIC, Overnight Reading Room, Postgraduate Learning Commons
  • Law Branch Library - Computer terminals located within the library
  • Medical Library - MERIC
  • Science Library - MERIC, Postgraduate Learning Commons

            Note:- Print stations control printers only for the Branch in which they are located.


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