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Professor The Hon. Carl Stone, OM

Professor The Hon. Carl Stone, Om

Jun. 3, 1940-

Political sociologist who pioneered the systematic study of voting behaviour in Jamaica. Professor Carl Stone brought public opinion polling to the Jamaican political process and using empirical evidence developed a body of ideas about the Jamaican electorate. He was famous for his election predictions, predicting in terms of the victorious party the outcomes of all national elections held in Jamaica between 1976 and 1990.


Professor Carl Stone was particularly concerned to educate public opinion and to raise the level of civic awareness and participation in public life. Through his work he has raised public debate on a wide range of issues to an analytical and empirical level. He undertook extensive research and writing on public policy as well as crime, agricultural policy, work attitudes, comparative political economy, cooperatives, trade unions, and public-sector/private sector relationships.

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