Special Collections

The Special Collections include:

    • University Collection:  material originating from The University of the West Indies and its staff, as well as material about the University; theses accepted by The University of the West Indies for higher degrees.
    • Rare Book Collection: containing mainly rare West Indian books and pamphlets
    • Manuscript Collections: including diaries, estate journals, land transfers, letters and ships' logs on the West Indies
    • Map Collection: rare and twentieth century maps
    • Microform Collection: extensive collection of official documents, manuscripts, periodicals and newspapers
    • Newspaper collection West Indian newspapers in print, microfilm or digital format covering the period 1774-1998.
    • West Indian Creative Writers: anthologies, novels, plays and poetry by writers from the English-speaking Caribbean 
    • Prints and Post Cards
    • Ralph Thompson Collection
    • Literary manuscripts:  West Indian authors, novelists, journalists and critics, including
    • Photographs:


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