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FAQ - General

A citation is a reference to a published or unpublished source (not always the  original source). A bibliographic citation is a reference to a book, article, web page or other published item. Citations should supply sufficient detail to identify the item uniquely. Different citation systems and styles are used depending on the discipline.

Plagiarism is presenting someone else’s work as if it were your own, whether you mean to or not. ‘Someone else’s work’ means anything that is not your own idea, even if it is presented in your own style. It includes material from books, journals or any other printed source, the work of other students or staff, information from the Internet, software programs and other electronic material, designs and ideas.  It also includes the organization or structuring of any such material.

Legal protection to creators of "works of the mind". Copyright grants owners of copyright (authors and other  creators of intellectual property) the right to reproduce the work, create derivative works based on the original work, distribute copies of the work, to perform the work, or yo display the work in public. See also

Periodicals are available on loan only to graduate students, academic and research staff. Current periodical issues cannot be borrowed until they have been in the Library for one month or have been superseded by a later issue.

Mona Electronic Reference and Information Centre is the Library’s computer-based research facility.

The ability to locate, evaluate, and use information effectively from a variety of sources to meet an information need.

Yes.  You will need to write to the Campus Librarian for permission and fill out an application form at the Reference Desk.

Yes.  Complete a reservation form and submit it at the Circulation Desk. Please allow time for this process. Depending on the stage of repair of the item, it may take at least 48 hours.

This service is available for open shelf materials ONLY. To reserve an item, complete a reservation form and submit it at the Circulation Desk. Please call or check with the staff at the Circulation Desk to determine when the item you requested becomes available.

RBC items may not be renewed.  An open shelf item may be renewed up to two consecutive times, provided that it has not been requested by another user, and is not overdue.  Please note that the Library reserves the right to recall any item borrowed if it is in great demand (e.g. required course material).

Undergraduate students may use periodicals (journals, magazines, newspapers etc) within the Library only. Medical undergraduate students may borrow two (2) periodicals from the Medical Library.

You may borrow up to three (3) RBC items at a time. No more than two (2) of these may be borrowed overnight.

The Overnight Reading Room remains open when the Library is closed.

The Library posts announcements regarding changes in opening hours that may occur.

Most examination past papers have been digitized and can be accessed in full-text from the Library’s website. To access these past papers:

  • From the Library’s website 
  • Click on ‘UWILINC’. 
  • Click on ‘UWI Collections’ 
  • Type in your course code e.g. FD10A or course titleEnglish for academic purposes" 
  • Click ‘Search’. 

Click 'view online" , and click on the link of the past paper of your choice [e.g. FD10A April/May 2002] 

You may print or save using the printer or diskette icons on the Acrobat toolbar.

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