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SciFindern is the new product of the SciFinder family.  It is a search engine that uses artificial intelligence and operates on the semantic network of CAS that interconnects information from the database of substances, references and reactions of Chemistry and related sciences, the most complete in the world. It locates and relates patent and publication information meticulously compiled by CAS scientists, enabling better decisions to be made that drive innovation.

SpringerLink provides access to electronic books and journals

TEEAL (The Essential Electronic Agricultural) is a full-text and searchable database of articles from 200 high-quality research journals in the field of agriculture and related Sciences.  Teeal is available only from computers in the Libary.  For further details contact  the Library.

Web of Science provides Science Citation Index expanded with 5 years backfiles. includes: Journal Citation Report  and   Essential Science Indicators

Westlaw (access restricted to law students with user name/password).

The provocative literary materials in this collection provides an historical time stamp and current affairs commentary on the transitional period in the Rastafari Movement’s development—a period extending from the early 1970s through to the present. It is a forty-three year period during which the Rastafari Movement has been spreading across the Afro-Atlantic world in one form or another and becoming progressively globalized.Each title can be viewed separately by clicking on the title found below the Detailed Description section.


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