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Professor The Honourable Errol Miller, OJ CD

Professor The Honourable Errol Miller, OJ Cd

Aug 11,1939

Educator extraordinaire who is the first among local educators to do significant research on issues of race, gender and other social issues as they affected education. He developed the "Theory of Place" out of which the research on male marginalization and other issues have been examined.


Professor Miller has had significant impact on education, through research and publication and his seminal work has influenced educational policies.As Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Education, Jamaica, he has provided the leadership for the implementation of major reforms such as the implementation of free secondary and tertiary education; the integration of school serving children with various disabilities into the public system and the addition of grades 10 and 11 to 66 three-year secondary schools. As a member of the Electoral Advisory Committee (EAC), Professor Miller has made sterling contributions to Jamaica’s electoral reform process and has been instrumental in the development of the improved registration and voting system.For his work, Professor Errol Miller has earned numerous awards locally and internationally.

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