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Dr. Sasekea Harris

Sasekea Harris
Head : Science Branch Library
Ext. 2838; 876.935.8838
Physics; Electron Microscopy Unit; Life Sciences; Biotechnology
Science & Technology

Research Interests

  • Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM) librarianship
  • Trends &issues in academic librarianship
  • Cataloguing &metadata
  • Librarianship & development  

Select Publications

  • Harris, Sasekea. (2014). “Application of Cutting Edge Technologies in an Academic Cataloging Department: Linking Classroom with Practice.” In Cutting Edge Technologies and Academic Librarianship, edited by Anna Kaushik and Nirmal Kumar Swain, 30- 44. New Delhi: EssEss Publications. 
  • Harris, Sasekea. 2014. “Extended Opening Practices in Jamaican University Libraries.” LIAJA Journal 1 (2014): 35-59. 
  • Harris, Sasekea. (2014). “Librarianship and Culture: Social Change in Post-colonial Jamaica.” SALALM Papers 57:184-199.
  • Harris, Sasekea, ed. (2014). LIAJA Journal 1 (2014). Jamaica: LIAJA 
  • Harris, Sasekea. (2013). “Enhancing Awareness of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) in Academic Libraries: a Jamaican Case Study.” IFLA Journal 39(3). DOI:10.1177/0340035213497881   
  • Harris, Sasekea. (2013). “The Role of the UWI Mona Libraries in HIV/AIDS Information Access and Dissemination.” West Indian Medical Journal 62 (4): 342-345. dr_sasekea_the_role_of_the_uwi_mona_libraries_in_hiv_aids_information.pdf 
  • Harris, Sasekea. (2012). The Cultural Politics of Librarianship: Imperialism or Nationalism. Germany: LAP 
  • Harris, Sasekea. (2008). “Can Research Be Value Free?” Library & Information Association of Jamaica (LIAJA) Bulletin 2007-2008: 28-34. 


  • UWI Mona Principal’s Award for Best Research Publication, 2016
  • LIAJA Research & Publications Awards, 2016
  • Academic & Research Libraries (ARL) Award, 2013
  • Jay Jordan IFLA/OCLC Early Career Development Fellowship Award, 2010
  • AZ Preston Hall Award for Outstanding Contribution, 2003 
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