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Ms. Tereza Richards

Tereza Richards
Head : Medical Branch Library
Ext. 2437; 876.927.1073
Surgery; Radiology; Anesthesia and Intensive Care;
Medical Science

Liasion Units

  • Surgery; Radiology; Anesthesia and Intensive Care; Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Child Health; Advanced Training in Fertility Management; Haematology

Research Interests

  • Bibliometric studies
  • Bibliography
  • Bibliographic database development 

Select Publications

  • Wagner, Mathias, Benjamin Vicinus, Vilma Oliveira Frick, Michael Auchtor, Claudia Rubie, Pascal Jeanmonod, Tereza A. Richards, Roland Linder, and Frank Weichert. (2014). "MicroRNA Target Prediction: Theory and Practice." Molecular Genetics and Genomics 289, no. 6 : 1085-101. 
  • Wagner, Mathias, Frank Weichert, Andreas Groh, S. Kamel, Ali Shamaa, Tereza Richards, Roland Linder, and ConstantinLandes. (2008). “When Histology Meets Systems Biology” Anticancer Research 28, no5 : 3533. 
  • Weichert, F., A. Groh, A. Shamaa, T. Richards, S. Awd, R. Linder, C.a. Landes, and M.Wagner. (2008). "SignaltheoretischeAnalyseHistologischerDaten ImOrtsfrequenzraum." Der Pathologe 29, no. S2: 129-34 A10.1007%252Fs00292-008-10476.pdf?auth66=1406832016_b09d9b7a05c7d625d76642abac14e963&ext=.pdf 
  • Groh, A., A.k. Louis, F. Weichert, T. Richards, and M. Wagner. (2008). "Mathematische Modellierung in Der Systembiologie." Pathologe Der Pathologe 29, no. S2: 135-. 
  • Linder, Roland, Tereza Richards, and Mathias Wagner. "Microarray Data Classified by Artificial Neural Networks." In Microarrays: Applications and Data Analysis, 343-70. 2nd ed. Vol. 382. Methods in Molecular Biology. Totowa, N.J.: Humana, 2007. 
  • Linder, R., F. Weichert, A. Streng, A. Groh, W. Liese, T. Richards, M. Diefenbach, A. Shamaa, C. Menzel-Dowling, and M. Wagner. (2006).“New perspectives on e-learning for the blind and severely visuallyimpaired.” =  “Neue perspectiven des e-learning für Blinde undhochgradig Sehbehinderte.” GMS Medizinische Informatik Biometrieund Epidemiologie Doc.18.  2.3 : 1-7. 
  • Wagner, M., M. Zamelczyk-Pajewska, C. Landes, H. Sudhoff, J. Kosmider, T. Richards, U. Krause, R. Stark, A. Groh, F. Weichert, and R. Linder. (2006). “Simulating soft data to make softdata applicable to simulation.” In Vivo 20.1: 49-54 
  • Weichert F, CA Landes, T Richards, M Dohrmann, R Wünderlich ,R Kaczmarczyk, A Uebing, A Streng, W Liese, YJ Kim, A Groh, R Linder, and M. Wagner.(2005). How to make a haptic device help touch virtual histological slides. EU-High-Level Scientific Conference SerieMuTra 2005 – Challenges of Multidimensional Translation: Conference Proceedings.
  • Weichert, Frank, Mathias Wagner, Andreas Streng, Andreas Groh,Josef Ingenerf, Werner Liese, Tereza Richards, Ali Shamaa, and Roland Linder. (2007). “Haptic Rendering for Blind and Severely Visually ImpairedChildren” [online]. In: Medinfo 2007: Proceedings of the 12th World Congress on Health (Medical) Informatics; Building Sustainable HealthSystems; pages: [1581] -[1582]. Kuhn, Klaus; Warren, James R; Leong, Tze-Yun(Editors). Amsterdam: IOSPress, 2007. Studies in Health Technology andInformatics. 
  • Linder, Roland, Frank Weichert, Andreas Streng, Andreas Groh, Werner Liese, Tereza Richards, Martin Diefenbach, and MathiasWagner. (2006). “E-Learning for Blind or Visually Impaired People usingthe Example of Histological Slides (in German).” KlinischeForschungVernetzen : Proceedings of the 51st Annual Conferenceof the Deutsche Gescellschaft für Medizinische Informatik,Biometrie und Epidemiologie (GMDS) Leipzig, Germany September10-14, 2006. Eds. M. Löffler, A. Winter. Leipzig : Jütte-Messedruck,. 79-80. 
  • Bobb-Semple, L., T. Richards, M. Douglas, G. Cassell, andJ. McCallum, eds. (2003). Research for Development. Vol.II: abibliography of staff publications 1998-2002. Mona, Jamaica: The Library. Prepared for Research Day Jan. 2003 – 578 pages with 2215 annotated bibliographic citations. 
  • Richards, Tereza. (2004). Gender-based violence in Jamaica: a select annotated bibliography. Kingston, Jamaica: Centre for Genderand Development Studies. 
  • George,V., G. Cassell, C. Kean, M. Kerr-Campbell, J. Rao, T. Richards,and F. Salmon, eds. (2001). Research for Development: prospects foreconomic growth: public and private sector perspectives.Kingston, Jamaica: The Library, University of the West Indies.Prepared for Research Day 2001 – 60p. 
  • Cassell, G., V.George; J. Rao; and T. Richards. Research for Development: strengthening our tourism product. Kingston, Jamaica: The Library, University of the West Indies, (2000).Prepared for Research Day 2000 – 36p 
  • Cover, Judith E. and Tereza Richards. (1995). Daphne Rowena Douglas: Caribbean Lady of librarianship: a biographical overview. Kingston, Jamaica: Department of Library Studies, University of the West Indies, 1995. Prepared to honour Professor Douglas on the occasion of her retirement -14p. 
  • Richards, Tereza.(1999). Reggae, Rastafari and popular culture: abibliography. Kingston, Jamaica: Caribbean Quarterly, Cultural Studies Initiative, Office of the Vice Chancellor, U.W.I.  Commissioned by and prepared for the Institute of CaribbeanStudies’ Reggae Studies Unit - 74p. 
  • Richards, Tereza.(1996). “The University of the West Indies and thesupercomputer face the twenty-firstcentury.”FID News Bulletin46.3: 105-107. 
  • Richards, Tereza.(1994).“Resource sharing in the Caribbean, with specificreference to the University of the West Indies.”Third World Libraries4.2: 31-32.
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