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FAQ - Printing

Please note the following paper tray operation on the Xerox VersaLink/AltaLink model series:

1. Default Tray selection is “automatically select” - This means that if no tray matches the job for all three criteria of size e.g. letter, type e.g. plain, colour e.g. white, then the user will be prompted via a “held for resources” message to change the paper tray settings (size/type/colour) to match the job requirement.  All three settings must match. 

2. Whenever a tray is opened the printer will give end user the opportunity to change the tray settings (size/type/colour).

This operation is not a defect, it is by design and cannot be changed.

Once the job is released from the PaperCut menu but not yet printed due to a mismatch error, it is waiting in the Xerox device’s memory and will affect other user’s jobs if it is not cleared.  This requires user sensitization to minimize recurrence i.e. don’t leave your failed job for someone else to clear (call for help).

If legal and letter are used, it is not recommended to have all three trays set to letter as this will introduce the need for end users to interfere with tray settings more frequently.


The decision was made at the time of engaging in the new lease agreement with PBS.  So for auditing purposes, the two Twains (staff and students printing) must not meet.

In order to print colour, large formats, scan or photocopy, the best print resources are located:-

1. Technical Services

2. Administrative Office

One of the Software features –Page Detection – will perform checks to ensure that the pages sent (from the computer) and the pages output (by the Printer) are the same. If there is a difference with pages output, the software will rollback any charges applied to the unsuccessful portion of the document.

Students may request a refund, only in cases where the quality of the printed item is unsatisfactory. In such a case, the said printed item must be returned to the librarian providing the refund- for auditing purposes. 

Patrons must approach any of our libraries (Main, SEBL, LBL, MBL) to adjust/topup their print balances. They may also topup at the Reprographic Services Unit (RESU). Currently only cash is accepted. Please refer to the PaperCut Topup guide for details as to how staff members can adjust balances.

Try one of the following:-

a. The student must first ensure that they are signed into the computer (with OurVle credentials) from which the job was sent. 

b. The student must ensure that after choosing the appropriate printer for the job (whether “Xerox Black and White Printing” or “Xerox Colour Printing”), no other print preferences which are related to colour or grayscale are altered, as          this may cause the job to fail.


A select set of staff members – classified as Senior Clericals – and all librarians have permissions to perform adjustments/topup.

Please note that if there is a challenge related to printing, an email must be sent to, outlining:-


The patron’s ID number and the issue being experienced

Problems with a printer should be reported through the Library Systems Unit’s Help Desk email ( and must include the serial number and the reference ID for the device. These numbers will be located on a visible label affixed to each printer.

Currently, onlystudents enrolled in the Faculty of Laware equipped with swipe access ID cards. 

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