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What is the Halls of Residence Librarian Programme?

The Halls of Residence Librarian Programme is a Library outreach programme designed to facilitate First Year UWI students as they begin their university journey. Each hall of residence is assigned a dedicated librarian to provide assistance to new students on all library related issues.   

Halls of Residence Librarians are your academic allies. We will contact you throughout the year to keep you informed on library services and events and encourage open communication as a direct point of contact. 

Commuting students also have access to this service through the hall to which they are attached.



Hall Residence Librarians

Leslie Robinson Hall
Main Library
970-6578/ Ext- 3578
Taylor Hall
Science & Engineering BranchLibrary
970-6865 Ext 3865
Rex Nettleford Hall
Main Library
970-6592/ Ext 3592
Preston Hall
Main Library
970-6856/ Ext 3586
Mary Seacole Hall
Main Library
970-6618/ Ext 3618
Irvine Hall
Main Library
970-6392/ Ext 3392
Elsa Leo-Rhynie Hall
Main Library
970-6576/Ext 3576
Chancellor Hall
Main Library
970-6619/ Ext 3619
ABC Hall
Medical Branch Library
935-8437-8 / 927-1073 / Ext-2437/8
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